Mutants and Masterminds; Chapter 1: Arcadia


You're walking down the street unnoticed by the civilians as they go about their daily lives. Crime has been at an all time low and you're enjoying the day off. You decide to sit down with an old colleague you had agreed to meet up with at the Brewsters Bar in Midtown. Your old colleague is non other than Jackson Williams a.k.a The Beacon. He knows who you are and what you can do. On this day you have fun together, talking and catching up on all his latest involvement saving the city. You notice a breeze has picked up and several bar patrons are stepping outside for fresh air and a cigarette. As you and Jackson continue talking, the patrons outside begin getting louder. You try to raise your voice and just barely manage to get your message across. As you turn towards the crowd in an attempt to get them to quiet down, you look up and see the sky flash. A Floating kingdom has magically appeared over the city and people begin falling from the sky.



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